My Belgan acquaintance – some revelations from the past


A while ago, that was maybe about 14 years ago, as I was submerged into film photography – I went crazy about film and collecting old emulsions and film stock. In the process, I must have accumulated one of the world’s largest private collections of unused film stocks and a huge assortment of cameras. About 2008-2009 I made a virtual acquaintance with a Belgian man who was also an avid collector of old expensive photographic lenses. I did not care for expensive photographic lenses as at the time I was into DIY pinhole cameras. There are photography enthusiasts who enjoy taking pictures and those who like cameras. He explained it to me. He said there are people who just like to collect photographic camera lenses and don’t care about photography. Go figure.

I always liked photographing with old and antique junk cameras, stuff that amateurs or even kids used to take pictures with during the 1920s through 1970. Likewise, I was always a fan of cars of the middle class in a culture I could relate to as opposed to expensive automobiles made for a narrow stratum of an alien culture that I could not relate to – thus, an old original Fiat Panda or Wartburg (I own both) are vehicles that I find far more attractive (and more fun) to drive around than a Bentley or old Cadillac, even though you are probably going to attract the same amount of attention.

As I could never figure out what Instagram was good for, the concept seemed outright imbecilic to me when it appeared — how to make an already bad cellphone camera pictures look even worse by applying pseudo-Polaroid digital filters? And who would go for that? Never mind the handlers mingling into your comments and the pathetic censorship that is endemic of the Fourth Reich’s monopolistic social propaganda platforms like Facebook or Youtube. Well, it wasn’t that bad back then… so, to cut a long story short, I was looking for a place to chat about photography and share pictures. I used to be a Flickr user. But Flickr changed ownership – it became a part of Yahoo and the latter has butchered it mercilessly by suddenly changing its interface, canceling paid or “pro” plans of users who were dumb enough to pay anything for the garbage, and force-feeding its captives with ungodly amounts of advertising. Like all American corporate platforms, it began to suffer from censorship. Nonetheless, at one point Flickr was the 19th most popular website on Earth with uncountable millions of subscribers but now it fell to an unknown position though it still ranks supposedly in the first 500. It has 112 million subscribers but it doesn’t mean anything. I am too a Flickr subscriber but haven’t uploaded anything since the time immemorial. Flickr has also been notoriously anti-Russian (that’s not surprising considering its provenance). And then I found a safe harbor in Ipernity, a low-key French alternative to Flickr. It seemed open, and friendly, with a multilingual interface (and I invested countless hours in translating it for them). Ipernity thrived for a while but then went bust. The site seems to be inaccessible at this moment.

The Belgian Guy
The Belgian guy I befriended online was into old Leitz (Leica) lenses but he was frequently browsing through antique photography equipment groups, and that’s how we must have virtually met. He made several comments on photos I took with vintage cameras, and then, as this went back and forth, we began exchanging messages in private. Soon from photography, our conversation turned to life in general, recent history, religion, politics, cooking, drink, and international governance. The sort of topics you shouldn’t talk with strangers about.

The Belgian was a military guy who spent a good part of his life in Africa. So as I vaguely recall he was also crazy about guns and ammo. He served in Africa and had a penchant for African women. To a great extent, his online portfolio consisted of photographs of African women. He loved African women. And he talked a lot about Africa. The man’s views were somewhat Libertarian and frank (after he learned a few things about me he could speak his mind openly, tactfully he preferred to avoid certain subjects first, out of fear of offending his interlocutor, that is me, but with these matters cleared he became shocking open). He was also not racist which may be surprising considering his background as he gave me quite credible theories on why certain things turned out in Africa the way they did or why sub-Saharan Africa historically developed the way it did. I generally share those views and I am not a bit racist. And, incidentally, I am an Africa fan. I am interested in the continent and believe in its potential. Even now I feel indescribably sorry for certain things that happened there, the Rwandan genocide being probably the worst among them.

After exchanging messages for about a year my Belgian guy disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. But some of his thoughts now strike me now as prophetic.

At the time there were certain things I already believed in or knew about the world and certain things I did not.

Things that I knew and which to me were obvious and clear

The EU is an anti-Russian institution. Its’ Russophobia is culturally and racial and it is far more rabid than any sort of anti-Russian sentiment the Nazis of the Third Reich ever had. I saw plentiful evidence of the EU’s irrational Russophobia. It manifested itself in a myriad of nasty ways and was not directed against the contemporary Russian state, which itself is a comprador and semi-colonial dependency system, but against the Russian people and their culture.

The United States is an alien body in Europe. It is also deeply Russophobic. The modern concept of West or Westerness as a substitution for Europeanness, with the terms such as European armies or European culture being substituted with Western Armies or hilariously sounding and bluntly oxymoronic “Western culture”, is an American notion. It is designed to keep Russia out and America in. In that way, say Germany and America are related to each other while Russia is not. That also explained America’s maniacal obsession about placing entire Russia in Asia. This appeared as a grotesque idea as Americans don’t even eat like Europeans, don’t know how to properly handle fork and knife, a pair of tools too complicated for them, and, aside from a few cultural and economic strata, have a bizarre society that is far more dissimilar from all the societies of modern Europe, in all their profound diversity, than, say, is Laos, and they are certainly more removed from Europe than are Argentina and Brazil.

In a way, I had been mistaken in this aspect but I’d address it in the very important Empire or the Fourth Reich article that I am going to write in the nearest future.

Because of their anti-Russian nature, the EU and the US would suppress even anti-Communist sentiment and, for instance, they would ignore horrific crimes committed against ethnic Germans by postwar states such as the Czech Republic and Poland. Those crimes unquestionably amounted to ethnic cleansing and genocide, and in many ways rivaled the much advertised Holocaust geschäft (the term itself gained currency only in the 1980s), only out of fear of destabilizing those societies and pushing them back into Russia’s orbit. I am going to address this subject separately as well.

On the other hand, the old EU’s nations, the real nations, not the artificial states like the Czech Republic or ethnofascist satrapies in the Baltic, are ruled by their own national elites. Those elites play by the EU rules of the game because the majorities in those countries support the EU and NATO. The media are fundamentally free. Their politicians are not puppets. No matter how much we may dislike certain politicians, they are the people’s choice.

In America, politics are money-driven. Money is what matters most and the one with the most money wins. It’s unfair but that’s how it works.

France is the most independent of all old EU nations.

Even though both the EU and the US are enemies of Russia, they are firstly, ultimately rational powers, and secondly, the EU competes with the US.

They are also internal differences among the so-called Western nations. Russia, after regaining the statehood it had lost in the 1917 and which it has not yet recovered, could exploit those differerences to regain its place in Europe and form a closer alliance with France and then bring Germany later in.

The Belgian Guy’s views
Frankly, they struck me as radical at the time. I might have even thought the guy was a nut. But, in retrospect what he said then doesn’t seem nutty now.

When I brought up the issue of France’s independence from the United States, he just laughed it off. And my notion that democracy has some meaning bemused him. Democracy and human rights are tools of foreign policy. They are fiction. The sort of medicine that the ones who proscribe them do not preach. France is not independent, and neither is the United States. There is unprecedented unity among the so-called elites in the West, and since the 1980s those elites have been infested, overrun, bought, sold, and bamboozled into submission infested by a certain element from Central Europe and the once Russian Empire, the folks of the George Soros kind, and he is just a visible front man, to the extent that the whole system is now a corrupt sham. But there is a structural crisis on the way, a crisis of the magnitude that they can’t handle. Expect phony pandemics and bizarre wars in the future. They’d try to stage some huge international crisis along the way. They control media in the so-called West. They control everything to the extent that the West now is just one organism. It’s been eaten out from within. It’s like a bad science fiction novel.

And no, Americans are not Russophobes. They weren’t a hundred years ago. Their handlers and owners are Russophobe. Genetically. Not Americans. There are no differences between the so-called Western countries. It’s been so corrupted and infested by the controlling element, that is a single entity. It’s the unofficial empire. Even their differences are for show.

The guy was saying things that appeared freakishly bizarre.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a well-informed person and I understand that conspiracies exist but what he was saying was way over the top.

Now, just let me slow down here for a second. When your handlers try to mock you by saying there are no conspiracies or claim that only fools believe in conspiracies, just tell them mentally to fuck off. There have been huge conspiracies in world history, some overlooked by secret services,  police, and media even though they’ve involved thousands of conspirators. Some of those conspiracies have been successful, and thus they are no longer called conspiracies. Others failed. I am writing this from the perspective of Russian history. The coup d’état in Russia in the year 1917, actually there were two coups, one in February 1917 and another in October 1917, that had changed the government of Russia. Today’s Russia still lives under a system imposed on it after the Bolshevist coup of October 1917. Russia was partitioned and chunks were torn out of it – one of those chunks is the so-called Ukraine – by the Bolsheviks who came to power as a result of that coup. Those Bolsheviks were not Russian for the most part (they were George Soros and Anthony Blinken’s fellow tribesmen) but both coups were huge conspiracies, both were elaborate plots, and both involved thousands of individuals and foreign intelligence agents.
Russian Decembrist Uprising, the failed coup of 1825 that attempted to overthrow the absolute monarchy and replace it with a constitutional monarchy or a republic had also been a giant conspiracy that involved possibly tens of thousands of individuals in a society with a high degree of peer oversight and police surveillance.

But let’s move on. So what he told me appeared outlandish though, as I asked my incredulous questions, my acquaintance began to explain what he meant.

He said that one of the signs of exterior management and systemic subversion is the disappearance of real politicians from sight. Instead, entire countries are ruled by puppets. By men or women who were being dragged out of nowhere and then tossed upon the stage right before the elections, in places where they still bother with elections, with nations governed by veritable nobodies. Nobodies is his term – we corresponded in English.

“Look, the EU badmouths Russia all the time and claims that Russia is undemocratic. Do you know who is Russia’s current president?”
I certainly did. This was Dmitri Medvedev.
“All right, who is the EU President”
Frankly, I did not even know the EU has a president. So I said that I had no idea.
“Most people don’t. The President of the European Council is the EU President. The guy is a Belgian but most Belgians have never heard of him. He is Herman Achille, Count Van Rompuy. He’s got a powerful office but nobody knows how he got elected and almost nobody understands the mechanism behind this election. No ordinary people voted for him but he in effect rules over them. Or rather the puppeteers behind him rule over them since he is just a puppet placed upon the stage.

Or take the United States. The president of the United States is some creature called Obama (Barack Obama was the president of the United States at the time). He is not a known politician. He was a lawyer with a tiny law firm that catered to slum landlords in the Chicago area. He then served three terms in the Illinois Senate. This is not the United States Senate, this is the State of Illinois senate. Not just he was unknown internationally, but he was a nobody in the USA. Some unseen force had propelled him onto the national political scene and then all of a sudden, like a jack in the box, he becomes the president of the United States. A nobody becomes the president of the United States. His only credentials for the office is the color of his skin. They could have elected anyone – a senile old man or a Chinese Lesbian merely because she is a woman, a member of some minority, and a lesbian. These are all signs of a grossly distorted political process.

Look at France, take a look at the Fifth Republic. They had a giant of a president, Charles de Gaulle. De Gaulle threw NATO out of France and took France out of NATO. It was a gesture of independence that is unfathomable today. And he was a fearless hero. And then all the French presidents after him got smaller and smaller, and then still smaller in political stature. Georges Pompidou, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, François Mitterrand, then Jacques Chirac. And whom do we have now? A nobody, a guy named Sarkozy, a countryman of George Soros, his real name is György Schwartz, a Hungarian Jew, and what does he do? He brings France back into NATO. Quietly, without any discussion, through a backdoor. Like a thief that he is. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.”
(I must say in a retrospective that the Belgian fellow’s observation on the regression of the French presidency was spot on. The unabated unremitting degeneration has continued. With this sort of downward trend, the French would put into an office a poodle or a canary. It doesn’t matter who the puppet is or what species it belongs to as long as it serves the transatlantic Reich’s interests).

You must have heard of David Miliband, the British foreign secretary (around that time)? And his brother, Ed, is the head of the Labour Party (by the way I don’t recall the particulars, ). Their mother is Marion Kozak and their father a known Communist, a Trotskyite. Their aunt used to work her entire life in the Lenin Library of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Moscow. He is a second cousin of Dmitri Kozak, who is the minister of regional development and the deputy chairman of the government of Russia, a close friend of both Putin and Medvedev. And they all come from the area behind the pale of settlement.

What he showed me is that there are key countries like the US, Great Britain, France, and Russia, who are run by people with recent origins or who were born in a relatively small geographical area of once Polish lands, Bohemia and Hungary, and this by no means can be considered a coincidence. They are not just Jews – they are Jews from a particular area of Central and Eastern Europe. They are not Jews from Morocco or Algeria or Alsace. Their Russian presence is a leftover from the Bolshevik area as they together form an intensely Russophobe block. Their Russophobia is genetic. They hate Russia as much as they hate Christ.

They also detest Muslims but for a set of different reasons, this is their Israeli allegiance. Look at the American secretary of state under Clinton, the woman named Madeleine Albright, the architect of the Iraqi genocide and the force behind NATO’s expansion. Her real name is not Albright, but Korbelova, Maria Korbelova, she is a Bohemian Jewess. These people are from a tightly-knit group. Germany is subjugated. You don’t have to control all the countries of the so-called West to dominate both the US and Europe outside of Russia, though even Russia is under their yoke. It’s enough to dominate just a few key ones. The US, UK, and France suffice to keep the flock together.

And they are now really united. They are no differences between those “Western nations.” At the time of the Suez crisis, the United States and the Soviet Union, two bitter ideological opponents at the height of the Cold War, cooperated with each other to oust the French and the British out of Egypt. It is totally unthinkable now even though unlike the old Soviet Union, today’s Russia is a meekish vegetarian sort of country with no interests outside of its natural historical borders, say those of 1913, with no ideological claims of superiority, a regional capitalist power, and not a wealthy one to boot, and unlike the US and Britain, Russia is a democracy.

And no, money is not that important for being elected in the US. This group owns the propaganda system, newspapers, broadcasters, editors, websites, entertainment industry, and social networks. They’ve corrupted the two political parties, which have always been a sham. So, if someone spends his own fortune and gets elected instead of their puppet, you’d see how the media would vilify him. They’d go berserk. You’d see the kind of censorship that would make the old Soviet Union’s leaders blush. They are so power-hungry and now that they believe they possess unrestrained boundless power, that they are omnipotent, they would silence anyone. People who oppose them and support independent candidates would get murdered, their credit cards will get blocked, and they’d be prosecuted for nasty crimes they’d never committed, like rape or pedophilia-related offenses, they’d be thrown out of professional associates, and this will be the ultimate totalitarian state wrapped in a pseudo-democratic package. You know them. They used to run the Bolshevist show in Russia.

The same will happen internationally. If a country challenges their will or displeases them somehow, it will be attacked, choked with sanctions, and not just the US but all the other puppets would impose sanctions as if powered by a flick of a switch. Because believe it or not they are all now the same organism.

He also claimed that the European Union has always been an American project. It was a way to keep Western Europe bound to the US through an unwieldy organization. He said that the US put a great deal of pressure behind the EU’s eastward expansion because this global group intended to use new ethnofascist statelets of Eastern Europe (where, that is mainly from Poland, Bohemia, and western governorates of the Russian Empire, either they directly or  immediate recent ibiological ancestors of the members of this group came from) as a harness on the EU, as a form of burden, a yoke. This group of statelets, all intensely Russophobic ethnic nationalist satrapies of the United States, are bound to America through their corrupt elites and the unconditional promise of NATO’s defense no matter how rabid or irresponsible heir foreign policy is or will become, and in return, in this group’s interests they’d completely corrupt and subjugate the EU from within . And you know what, that’s precisely what has happened.

So, I asked if maybe these people can manage the world benevolently, even despite their Russophobia, the world doesn’t revolve around Russia, perhaps globalism is the answer, the way to go, and, after all, we need a global elite to run the show. I was trying to be provocative and my Belgian acquaintance gave me a theory that besides culture (Hollywood, etc.), the financial system had been subverted since 1971, and fiat money pumped into the world economy by the federal reserve had financed the construction of this new informal empire. He would not call those people elite, the group is small and bigoted but can hardly be classified as anyone’s elite.

The problem as he saw it was that financial pyramid that was built from the 1980s on, by the US Federal Reserve and the underlings, he saw the ECB as the Fed’s sidekick, through the vast expansion of credit-driven consumption,  led to the deindustrialization of the United States, Britain and large parts of old Europe but it also has enabled this group’s ascent to power and global dominance, the position they’d coveted for “many centuries”. But the attainment of that goal contained the seeds of its own destruction as the extravaganza has caused unresolvable structural deficiencies. In short, to survive that system must go bust. And that’s a contradiction.

He claimed they’d try to pull off a managed disintegration.

Wait for ten years. They’ll launch some sort of nasty epidemic and then try to ignite a few wars. With their obsession with Russia and genocidal genetic hatred of all things Russian, I’d be concerned with them trying to start a few wars on Russia’s periphery. Central Asiacan be a target. Another one is some Armenia vs Azerbaijan conflict, and in it, they’d clandestinely side with Azerbaijan because Armenia is Christian, and they hate Christianity, while Azerbaijan is also controlled by those folks, and is a minion of Turkey, itself a NATO member and a close though an unofficial ally of Israel. The worst for Russia would be when they’d try to blow up some crisis in Ukraine with the brand of ethnic nationalism imported from Canada or launch a war,. To accomplish that they’d put one of their fellows in charge of the place . They wouldn’t trust a local, a Slav, to make a real mess out of it. They’d need someone merciless, someone with no feelings or pity for the natives. It will likely be one of their tribesmen.

They’d also try to do something nasty in Africa and Asia. Their goal is a managed global conflict that would not get out of hand and inadvertently eradicate them in the process as well. Something that has already almost happened once and they are too well aware of the risks.

This was around the year 2009 and those revelations sounded outlandish and fantastic back then.

(the illustration on top: Bruges by Léon de Smet (1881-1967)






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